Audience Review

  1. Your link does seem to work even after I press the like button. I even tried refreshing it and starting over. Why is it not working and why do you need us to click the like button if the link is not working or if we do not have the privilege to see it??? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  2. Mally Dessie
    • Mally, Please change your browser or use a pc or connect to a better connection. One of these will solve your problem. The link works perfectly fine for me and the rest of the people who already watched it. What error does it show you?

    • admin
  3. I can’t see movie

  4. Tola
    • Please follow the instruction on the page. YOu have to click on like to access the movie. It unlocks automatically. If you have other issues please let us know. thanks

    • admin
  5. why you always ask to press the like ,please try to do do not ask

  6. rahel