Gize Gizun

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A nurse who is assigned to go to the country side is talkative and restless that disturbs the driver. The driver had short fuse with cheating girl friend that made him irritated throughout their journey. This movie revolves around their journey and how they eventually found a common ground to understand each other. Will they fall in love?

Company : KB Film Production ,
Actors : Kaleb Aryasilasse , Meron Getinet ,
Executive Producer : Kibrom Alem , Seife Gebriel ,
Producers : Beza Mesfin ,
Writers : Mohammod Daud ,

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Audience Review

  1. Poor conversation

  2. July
  3. Poor conversation. make me believe how they fall in love, what are they talking? I like the actress but this is killing them. Please choose what u r doing.

  4. July
  5. How much do u sell “Gize/ time ” :) Tell me , when it “sell” :-P

    I got 1 comment about Meron , u don’t look cool when u act like a jerk @ begging . Next time choose script , that much u dear . Apart from that everything ” Ashewegna new ” . From “Au”

  6. Winti
  7. betam debari newe!!!

  8. Abel
  9. jemal
  10. I love it . Nice movie :)

  11. Winti
  12. betam betam merte film 100 ke 100 arife film dess yelall!!!

  13. tes